Productivity, Efficiency, Profitability & Quality

Recycling Solutions

Recycling Solutions
  • Ferrous and Non Ferrous plant improvement system (SteelMES -Recycling)
  • Ferrous and Non Ferrous Profit Loss production report
  • Energy Management and Tracking System
  • Motor/Hydraulic Health monitoring and reporting
  • Full Box Shredder optimizer (DSC)
  • Shredder AC Motor and Rheostats
  • Motor and Rheostats Service (NEW)
  • ArcFlash Protection
  • Water Injection System
  • Infeed Conveyor
  • Shredder Box
  • Cyclones
  • Non Ferrous Plants

Dynamic Shred

Dynamic Shred is a complete package with the following modules Dynamic Production System (DPS) and Dynamic Shred Control (DSC).
DPS is your plant information system and DSC is your control system; together they maximize your productivity, efficiency, profitability and quality while minimizing your operating conversion costs. DPS enhances DSC as you are able to fine tune the system to improve the operating efficiency of the shredder.
The two systems combined offer the following improvements:

  • Return on Investment is typically 2 to 3 Months.
  • Increase on production up to 20%
  • Increase operating efficiency
  • Decrease operating conversion costs
  • Increase the quality of Ferrous and Non Ferrous end product.

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