Productivity, Efficiency, Profitability & Quality

Steel Making and Casting Solutions

Information and Improvement Solutions for Melting and Casting

  • Executive Plant System
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Energy Management and Tracking System
  • Furnace Linear monitor and Optimizer
  • Furnace Raw Material and Energy Optimizer

Mechanical Solutions for Melting

  • Transfer cars
  • Scrap Buckets
  • Ladles and bales
  • Ladle pouring cars
  • Ladle pre heaters
  • Electrode torquing devices
  • Combustion valve trains and piping
  • Lance systems
  • Alloy and fluxing systems
  • Water cooled ducting
  • Air pollution control systems
  • Water cooling systems

Mechanical Solutions for Casters

  • Tundishes
  • Tundish pre-heaters
  • Wire feed machines
  • Caster cooling beds
  • Billet handling and weighing
  • Billet pushers
  • Billet conveyors and manipulators
  • Billet tracking machines
  • Hot Charging systems